Node Groups

About Node Groups

Simplify the management of your nodes with the help of node groups

Node Groups

All Node Groups View

  • Name: The name of the node group.
  • Status: A brief summary of the status for the node.
  • Date Modified: Shows you the last time a change was made to the node group.
  • Actions: A shortcut Actions menu to copy, edit and remove a node group.

Manage Node Group

When creating or editing a Node Group you are presented with the following form to fill with information:

Node Groups


  • Name: Stipulates the name for this Node Group. Consider naming it in such a way that it well describes the function of the rule, for instance: “NG-Allow-RDP”.
  • Description: In this space you can enter notes in regards to this node group.
  • Nodes: Specifies nodes that are members of the specific node group.


On the History tab, you can view any configuration that have been performed for this rule, when they where performed and by who.

Node Groups

This view is intended for informational display purposes only and does not allow for any configurational changes.