Administration Web Portal


  • Dedicated server running Windows Server 2012 R2 or higher with at least 4 GB RAM and dual cores.
  • SQL Server Express
  • Dotnet Core Hosting Bundle
  • IIS
  • IDP
  • Webserver certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority.

Please note that all installations must be run as an administrator with elevated privileges.


  1. Start the “nodeProtect.Web.msi” to install the nodeProtect Web Admin Portal.Administration Web Portal

  2. Accept license agreement and enter the installation path.Administration Web Portal Administration Web Portal

  3. Click install to start the installation.Administration Web Portal

  4. Edit the “$env:ProgramFiles\nodeProtect\Web\appsettings.json” file and Clients section:
    • Change the DefaultConnection to (and change password):

    "DefaultConnection": "Server=.\\SQLExpress;Database=nodeProtect;User Id=nodeProtectWeb;Password={Password};MultipleActiveResultSets=true"
    • On the IDP, Authority and FeatureOptions, change the URI accordingly.Administration Web Portal

  5. Create a new Website for the Web Portal.Administration Web Portal

  6. Configure the application pool.Administration Web Portal

  7. Configure the Advanced Settings on the Application Pool.Administration Web Portal

  8. Recycle the application pool.Administration Web Portal

  9. Start your browser (Chrome is preferred) and navigate to the Web Portal and login.Administration Web Portal

  10. Verify that your login was successful by clicking the settings wheel in top right corner and check for your Tenant Id and Primary/Secondary Key.Administration Web Portal

  11. Administration Web Portal installation completed. Continue to Node API.