Agent Install


  • Dedicated server running Windows Server 2012 R2 or higher with at least 4 GB RAM and dual cores.
  • Dotnet Core Hosting Bundle
  • Webserver certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority.
  • All previous parts of nodeProtect installation must be completed
Please note that all installations must be run as an administrator with elevated privileges.


Repeat these steps for each system you want to protect with nodeProtect

  1. In Admin Web, navigate to settings (link in top right corner) and download nodeProtect Agent.Agent Install

  2. Start installation of nodeProtect Agent on the system you want to protect.Agent Install

  3. Accept license agreement and choose installation directoryAgent Install Agent Install

  4. Enter Tenant Id and API Key (you’ll find them on the settings page in Admin Web). Enter API URL to the nodeProtect Agent API. Typically https://fqdn Agent Install

  5. Verify that the installation was successful and click “Finish”.Agent Install

  6. You should now be able to see the installed node in the Admin Web.Agent Install

  7. The installation of the Agent is now completed.. Repeat for all systems you want to protect.

Advanced Installation Scenarios (Optional)

(Option 1) Silent installation

The following properties are required when installing the nodeProtect Agent silently:

  • Tenent Id
  • API key

(You’ll find them on the settings page in Admin Web)


msiexec /i nodeProtect.Agent.msi TENANTID={YourTenantId} APIKEY={YourAPIKey} /qn

(Option 2) Silent installation without server certificate validation

This requires nodeProtect Agent version 3.0.5 or later.

To bypass server certificate validation add the following property to the silent installation:



msiexec /i nodeProtect.Agent.msi TENANTID={YourTenantId} APIKEY={YourAPIKey} APISELFSIGNED=true /qn