Node API


  • Dedicated server running Windows Server 2012 R2 or higher with at least 4 GB RAM and dual cores.
  • SQL Server Express
  • Dotnet Core Hosting Bundle
  • IIS
  • IDP
  • Webserver certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority.
  • nodeProtect Administration Web Portal
Please note that all installations must be run as an administrator with elevated privileges.


  1. Start the “nodeProtect.Agent.Api.msi” to install the noderotect Agent API.Node API

  2. Accept license agreement and choose installation directory.Node API Node API

  3. Click install to start the installation.Node API

  4. Press finish to complete the installation.Node API

  5. Get your certificate thumbprint by opening “$env:SystemRoot\System32\certlm.msc” and select the certificate used in step 5 under the Administration Web Portal guide.Node API

  6. Edit the “$env:ProgramFiles\nodeProtect\Api\appsettings.json” file and Clients section:
    • Change the DefaultConnection to (and change password):

    "DefaultConnection": "Server=.\\SQLExpress;Database=nodeProtect;User Id=nodeProtectAgentAPI;Password={Password};MultipleActiveResultSets=true"
    • On the PrimaryCertificateThumbprint and Thumbprint insert the Thumbprint from the SSL certificate on the Website bindings.
    • Change host and port number.Node API

  7. Start the nodeProtect Agent API service.Node API

  8. Verify that the Agent API is responding by browsing to server url. If you see the Swagger page everything is up and running.Node API

  9. In the Windows DefenderFirewall with Advanced Security create New Rule.Node API

  10. On the Protocol and Ports tab choose TCP and ports “443, 30081, 30082”.Node API

  11. On the actions tab choose to allow the connection.Node API

  12. On the profil tab allow Domain, Private and Public profiles (default).Node API

  13. Name the rule “nodeProtect Web Sites” and click finish.Node API

  14. Verify the creation of the new rule.Node API

  15. The installation of nodeProtect is now completed.

  16. Open the default URL: https://fqdn:30081 to start using nodeProtect. Next step is to onboard your first client by installing the Agent. Continue to Agent Install.