Why use NodeProtect

NodeProtect is a Windows Endpoint Firewall Manager that makes Software Defined Segmentation of your network easy.

With native tools configuration and maintenance of Windows firewalls takes time and enforcement is hard to follow up. Traditional boundary firewall solutions has no effect when the attacker is on the inside and there is no easy way of keeping track of configuration changes over time and identify who made the change.

  • Modern and intuitive web-based interface.
  • Full history change tracking of all administrative actions.
  • Software-defined segmentation.
  • Grouping of resources and configurations for ease of administration.

nodeProtect on Security

NodeProtect works inside the perimeter by configuring the built-in firewall in the operating system. The fineā€grained policies in nodeProtect will reduce the attack surface making is considerably more complex and time consuming for attackers to move to other systems.

nodeProtect on Performance

nodeProtect gives you a holistic view and control over all individual server firewalls in your datacenter. As the firewall configuration is made on server level, east-west traffic does not need to pass through a bottleneck, resulting in better application performance, more available network bandwidth and improved latency.

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